2011 FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship season

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Riders' standings[edit]

Pos Rider Country Points
1 Flag of Chile.svg.png Javier Villegas Chile 210
2 Flag of France svg.png Remi Bizouard France 195
3 Flag of Spain svg.png Jose Miralles Spain 158
4 Flag of Spain svg.png Maikel Melero Spain 145
5 Flag of France svg.png David Rinaldo France 118
6 Flag of the Czech Republic svg.png Libor Podmol Czech Republic 114
7 Flag of Australia svg.png Josh Sheehan Australia 96
8 Flag of the Czech Republic svg.png Petr Pilat Czech Republic 91
9 Flag of Germany svg.png Fabian Bauersachs Germany 89
10 Flag of Italy svg.png Massimo Bianconcini Italy 69
11 Flag of France svg.png Brice Izzo France 52
12 Flag of France svg.png Romain Izzo France 52
13 Flag of Germany svg.png Hannes Ackermann Germany 45
14 Flag of Germany svg.png Lukas Weis Germany 42
15 Flag of Germany svg.png Kai Haase Germany 10
16 Flag of Russia.svg.png Nikolay Ivanov Russia 10
17 Flag of Botswana.svg.png Alistar Sayer Botswana 9
18 Flag of Poland svg.png Artur Puzio Poland 9
19 Flag of the United States svg.png James Carter United States 7
20 Flag of Belgium svg.png William van den Putte Belgium 7
21 Flag of Poland svg.png Michael Daciuk Poland 7
22 Flag of Italy svg.png Vanni Oderra Italy 6