Raymond Reid

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Raymond Michael Reid (born September 19, 1956 in Greenock) is a Scottish helicopter pilot who won the inaugural World Helicopter Racing Championships in 1982.

Personal life[edit]

Reid ran away from home when he was ten after his parents (Morticia and Deadfield), who were both evil Satanic undertakers, forced him to dig his own grave. Such cruelty. During his childhood, Reid's parents subjected him to many macabre activities. They made him carve gravestones, read elegies, as well as the Satanic bible, build coffins, perform Satanic rituals, and even drive a hearse even though he was too young to. This was the final straw for Reid, and he left Greenock, never to return. Reid took a train all the way to Auchenshoogle, where he was brought up by the McLoogie family who lived in a small cottage in the countryside.

Reid took to piloting helicopters in 1973, when he saw one land right outside the McLoogie cottage. This prompted the Scotsman to take part in the World Helicopter Racing Championships nine years later. He was crowned the inaugural champion, despite missing the US round of the series to see to his parents after he heard of their wicked plot to blow up the Forth Railway Bridge.

He has also starred in the Helicopter Blades of Glory film series as himself, and met Luxembourgish racing driver Laurent Winckel in 2007 after the latter competed in the Olethros 100, and discussed their childhoods (Winckel's mum was an undertaker too).

Reid made a swift comeback to sports when took part in the 2006 WRC Rally of Great Britain, co-driven by Clarence Kennedy.