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The Randomicity Fighting Championships is a fighting series which involves random happenings, hence its name and began on January 26, 2014 with Nazi Pat vs Adolf Hitler (billed as 'Seeing Double').

Round 1[edit]

Nazi Pat vs Adolf Hitler (Seeing Double)[edit]

Nazi Pat's almost-driven-to-insanity slave, Dirk, has brought in a hypnotised April from Granitoons. This pleases Nazi Pat, who demands that she cut his nails, brush his teeth, dress him up and so on. Hungary from Hetalia: Axis Powers is also hypnotised to learn about the Hungarian motorsport heroes (with Zsolt Baumgartner topping the list).

Just then, Hitler arrives, and is furious at Nazi Pat for ripping him off and claiming himself to be the Fuhrer. Nazi Pat is bent on murdering the Jew-hating scumbag, but Hitler has toughened up, claiming that not even Muhammad Ali could beat him. Nazi Pat commands April and Hungary the hypno-slaves to attack, but Hitler tells him it won't work. Nazi Pat proceeds to yell insults at Hitler. The Austrian-born leader gets so angry that he yells "SHUT DER FICK UP!!!".

Dirk is actually starting to like this, and he finds the fight quite interesting. Hitler, now throwing a meltdown, yells a much angrier insult to Nazi Pat. This leads Nazi Pat to throw a tantrum himself. However, he is calmed down by the presence of successful German pop duo Modern Talking, and the narrator declares the match a tie, much to the delight of both Nazi Pat and Hitler.

  • Winner: Tie

Murray Walker vs. Bob Varsha (Survival of the Loudest)[edit]