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25 Sep 1976

BRITAIN'S FORMULA ONE TITLE CONTENDER James Hunt is really peed off after the appeal to disqualify him from his home GP had successfully worked.

Ferrari's Niki Lauda, who leads the championship by five points from Hunt, came into the court bandaged, following his horrific accident in Germany last month, which nearly cost the Austrian his life.

The British GP in July was originally won by Hunt's McLaren, but thanks to Lauda's successful appeal, he has lost his win, handing it to his closest rival.

"Lauda is bullsh*t," Hunt moaned as he left the court. "I ought to sue that Austrian bastard."

Hunt had previously been rescinded of his Spanish GP win, but had it reinstated on appeal. His British GP disqualification will be permanent. Since the race, Hunt has scored two eligible wins, in Germany and Holland.

Lauda, following his accident, missed two races, including his home event. However, this race still saw two Austrians in Hans Binder and Harald Ertl. Lauda returned at the Italian GP where he finished fourth.