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September 16, 2013

SO-CALLED 'DANGEROUS DANE' Mogens Bozkurt has had his license suspended for three years for his actions during yesterday's Olethros 100 which led to the hospitalisation of two pit crew members.

Bozkurt is believed to have suffered a bout of 'road rage' resulting in the 24-year-old from Frederikshavn purposely running over his own pit crew. Lars Andersen and Adnan Rune, both 31, were both taken to the nearest medical centre with suspected leg injuries.

Bozkurt's suspension means that he will have to retake his driving test and miss the next two Olethros 100's. It also means he won't get his license back until at least 2016. His father, Morten, has told us in an interview "We are so very disappointed in him. I hope he learns very very soon.".

Meanwhile, Scotland's Innes McDonald joined the list of drivers who have won the famous motor race at least twice, by winning ahead of fellow Britons Andy White and David Sheran, in the absence of last year's winner Miroslav Havel.