Postman Rat

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Postman Pat is revealed to be a scaredy-cat after he finds a rat in his hat. Everyone begins to laugh at him. Can he toughen up again?


  • (At the Clifton household, Pat is getting ready for another great day)
  • Pat: See you later! I'm just going out for my r...
  • (Pat finds a rat snug inside his hat, and his face curdles)
  • Pat: R-R-R-RAT!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEK!!!
  • Rat: No need to be frightened! I'm friendly!
  • Pat: AND IT CAN TALK!!!
  • (All the Greendale residents arrive)
  • Pat: What are you doing here?
  • Mr. Pringle: Pat's a scaredy-cat!
  • Reverend Timms: Even the Lord knows it!
  • Miss Hubbard: Let's laugh at him!
  • Everyone: YEAH!!!
  • (Everyone laughs at Pat, who feels embarrassed)