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Neil Bartlett (born March 13, 1981 in Bodmin, Cornwall) is a British racing driver.

Personal life[edit]

Neil had a bad childhood, for he was born on Friday 13th, and, even worse, his mother was a c***ner, who presided in the death of top English racing driver Dale Jackson in 1995, when Jackson was mauled by a lion at London Zoo. Neil was forced by his macabre mum to attend Jackson's f****al. He has had discussions with fellow driver Laurent Winckel about their mums' obsessions with death and mortality, and how they've overcome it.

In his mid 20's, Neil was, and still is, obsessed with rubber or latex gloves, and began collecting them in 2005. As of 2013 he has collected 1,052 pairs of rubber gloves and holds the Guinness World Record for the largest rubber glove collection.