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Mr Plink is a character in the Dennis the Menace book series.

He is the music teacher at Beanotown School and appears twice in A Mission to Menace. In Tutu Torment he is teaching everyone to practice the music for the school play. Dennis laughs at his bow tie and as the orchestra begins to play the soppiest music ever, Dennis proceeds to cause chaos in the music class, banging so hard on his drum that the fluffy drumsticks fly out of his hands (one plugs up the end of the trumpet, the other whacks Mr Plink on his bald patch).

The disaster continues as Dennis bangs the drum with his bare hands, ripping right through the skin. He then places a little mouse on the tubist's blouse, scaring both of them. The tuba lands on the cellist, who falls into the string section. The guitarist then sits on her guitar as Dennis crashes his cymbals together causing Mr Plink to fall off his chair and squash the violinist.

The trumpeter finally manages to unblock his trumpet with one final puff, but the drumstick whacks the flutist in the eye. The flutist falls onto the violinist who is just getting up. The violinist breaks his violin by whacking the flutist over the head with it. Amidst the trouble Dennis frees Gnasher from the instrument room.

Mr Plink appears again in Sports Day, where he is complaining about Mr Pump, the new sports teacher, and his love for teaching. However, after Dennis is forced to clean the shower room with a toothbrush for his antics, Mr Plink changes his mind and calls him "a splendid addition to the school".