LFS Test Drivers' Association

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The LFS Test Drivers' Association hires test drivers to do test duties on the Blackwood track.

Current drivers[edit]

No Driver Rounds
TD Flag of Germany svg.png Henrik Müller
TD Flag of England svg.png Keith Hamilton
TD Flag of Paraguay.svg.png Roberto Rojas
TD Flag of Canada.svg.png Blake Perry
TD Flag of Ireland svg.png David Casey
TD Flag of Finland.svg.png Kasperi Salvi
TD Flag of Romania svg.png Silviu Lupu
TD Flag of England svg.png Jack Edwards
TD Flag of Indonesia svg.png Hamdani Hendrawan
TD Flag of Estonia svg.png Ragnar Liiv
TD Flag of Transnistria.svg.png Alexandr Podlyagin
TD Flag of England svg.png Sam Warren
TD Flag of England svg.png Neil McCormack
TD Flag of Austria svg.png Gerhard Schiller