LFS Junior Cup Season 1

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The first season of the LFS Junior Cup is held at Blackwood and features drivers aged 25 and under since it's a feeder series and uses age restrictions unlike the GP4, GP5 and Rallycross series.

The winner of the championship is automatically promoted to GP4.


No Driver Rounds
0 Flag of France svg.png Arnaud le Gars 1
2 Flag of South Africa svg.png Colin Ndlovu 1
3 Flag of England svg.png Mark Arrowsmith 1
4 Flag of Japan svg.png May Maple 1
5 Flag of Afghanistan.svg.png Milad Ullah 1
6 Flag of Belgium svg.png Stanny Thunus 1
7 Flag of England svg.png Ben Hore 1
8 Flag of England svg.png Neil Dugmore 1
9 Flag of Northern Ireland.svg.png Gavin McDaid 1
10 Flag of Germany svg.png Markus Schulz 1
11 Flag of Brazil svg.png Alb Ramos Gomes 1
12 Flag of Tajikistan.svg.png Denis Khamidov 1
14 Flag of the United States svg.png Justin Veris 1
15 Flag of Macau svg.png Seng Chong Ku 1
16 Flag of England svg.png Matt Goodman 1
17 Flag of Croatia.svg.png Anthony Sokic 1
18 Flag of Germany svg.png Christoph Bruns 1
19 Flag of Seychelles.svg.png Harry Larame 1
20 Flag of Scotland svg.png David Sheran 1
21 Flag of Indonesia svg.png Hamdani Hendrawan 1