LFS GP5 Series Season 1

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The first season of LFS GP5 Series, GP4's feeder series, was also condemned to racing on Blackwood since the organisers didn't have the license to travel to other circuits.

One of the most synonymous drivers this year is Welshman Alan Jones, who is sometimes mistaken by racing fans as the 1980 Formula 1 World Champion from Australia since they share the exact same name.


No Driver Rounds
0 Flag of Argentina svg.png Favio Acu 1
2 Flag of England svg.png Josh Heaney 1
3 Flag of England svg.png Paul Clarke 1
4 Flag of Japan svg.png Mikuru Asahina 1
5 Flag of San Marino svg.png Alessandro Bruschi 1
6 Flag of Albania svg.png Flag of Switzerland svg.png Moreno Berisha 1
7 Flag of Finland.svg.png Ilpo Suhonen 1
8 Flag of Finland.svg.png Ville Salvi 1
9 Flag of Italy svg.png Stefano Paroni 1
10 Flag of Germany svg.png Daniel Elsinger 1
11 Flag of Ecuador.svg.png Jos Reasco 1
12 Flag of Wales.svg.png Alan Jones 1
14 Flag of Ukraine.svg.png Volodymyr Laba 1
15 Flag of Barbados.svg.png Fabien Miller 1
16 Flag of Romania svg.png Silviu Lupu 1
17 Flag of Romania svg.png Florin Ciutureanu 1
18 Flag of France svg.png Diana Lombard 1
19 Flag of Northern Ireland.svg.png Robert Covey 1
20 Flag of England svg.png Neil Bartlett 1
21 Flag of East Timor.svg.png Januario do Rego 1

Test drivers[edit]

No Driver Rounds
TD Flag of Paraguay.svg.png Roberto Rojas
TD Flag of Canada.svg.png Blake Perry
TD Flag of Ireland svg.png David Casey