LFS Female Hetalia Series Season 1

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The LFS Female Hetalia Series Season 1 is the first season of said series.

Nations and drivers[edit]

Country No Driver Rounds
Flag of Belgium svg.png Belgium 0 Flag of Belgium svg.png Geoffrey Engelen 1
2 Flag of Belgium svg.png Corné Jonckersen 1
3 Flag of Belgium svg.png Stanny Thunus 1
4 Flag of Belgium svg.png Stijn Croonen 1
5 Flag of Belgium svg.png Jan-Pieter Thunus 1
Flag of Hungary svg.png Hungary 6 Flag of Hungary svg.png Istv Kov 1
7 Flag of Hungary svg.png Robi Dénes 1
8 Flag of Hungary svg.png Ferkó Kárpáthy 1
9 Flag of Hungary svg.png Dömötör Németh 1
10 Flag of Hungary svg.png Tamás Hofman 1
Flag of Belarus.svg.png Belarus 11 Flag of Belarus.svg.png Rodion Seleznyov 1
12 Flag of Belarus.svg.png Tikhon Abramoff 1
13 Flag of Belarus.svg.png Sviatoslav Andreyev 1
Flag of Liechtenstein svg.png Liechtenstein 14 Flag of Liechtenstein svg.png Jurg Dobler 1
15 Flag of Liechtenstein svg.png Dirk van Zolderberg 1
Flag of Ukraine.svg.png Ukraine 16 Flag of Ukraine.svg.png Alexey 'Hippolyte' Pirogov 1
Flag of Seychelles.svg.png Seychelles 17 Flag of Seychelles.svg.png Harry Larame 1
Flag of Taiwan svg.png Taiwan 18 Flag of Taiwan svg.png Chun-Ho Shao 1
Flag of Vietnam.svg.png Vietnam 19 Flag of Vietnam.svg.png Chung Hiển Hy 1
Flag of Australia svg.png Wy 20 Flag of Australia svg.png David Scantlebury 1