LFS Battle of the Sexes Cup Season 1

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The first season of the LFS Battle of the Sexes Cup sees six men race against six women in a chance for the title. Who will win, men or women?


No Driver Rounds
0 Flag of Scotland svg.png Innes McDonald 1
2 Flag of Sark.svg.png John Perrey-Wharf 1
3 Flag of Hungary svg.png Istv Kov 1
4 Flag of Norway svg.png Steinar Nilsen 1
5 Flag of Wales.svg.png Graham Jones 1
6 Flag of England svg.png Mike Morgan 1
7 Flag of Scotland svg.png David Sheran 1
8 Flag of Russia.svg.png Rifat Tyurin 1
9 Flag of Germany svg.png Markus Schulz 1
10 Flag of Austria svg.png Andreas Gruber 1


No Driver Rounds
7 Flag of Israel.svg.png Esther Grinfald 1
8 Flag of Japan svg.png Haruhi Suzumiya 1
9 Flag of the United States svg.png Wendy Corduroy 1
10 Flag of England svg.png Yasmin White 1
11 Flag of England svg.png Rachael Underwood 1
12 Flag of Japan svg.png Mikuru Asahina 1