LFS A1GP Series Season 1 Pre-season prologue

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The LFS A1GP Series Season 1 Pre-season prologue was held at South City before the start of the LFS A1GP Series Season 1. It was won by Austria's Stefan Radovic.


As is customary with the others, the drivers lined up in numerical order; so Innes McDonald started in first and Jukka Aaltonen started in last.

There was already drama at the start as Brazilian Josenaldo Lopes do Prado Neto was flipped upside-down, with the force being so extreme it cracked his spine, rendering him unfit to take part in race 1 at Blackwood.

Then, McDonald of the UK lost the lead, handing it to Norway's Steinar Nilsen. There were dozens of accidents involving the countries, then suddenly, Poland's Mariusz Wisniewski came out of the pits after fixing his car and impeded the leader Nilsen, which caused him to clip the barriers and Irishman Michael McCarthy, who was behind Nilsen in second, to overturn his car, retiring him from the race. After the race, Nilsen, furious that he'd lost a chance for victory, demanded that Wisniewski be banned from the rest of the season. And he was. And to sum things up, Wisniewski was disqualified from eleventh place and fired from the Poland team.

Stefan Radovic took an amazing victory ahead of Alexey Vasyagin of Russia and home hero McDonald. After the race, Wisniewski was reported to have caused a huge massacre on the plane flying him back to Poland, thus sentencing him to life in jail and ruining his career as we know it. The Poland team's official test driver, Kamil Wozniak was drafted in as Wisniewski's permanent replacement. Lopes was replaced by Gildo Sales for the duration of his injury.


  • Driver in Italic set fastest lap.
Pos. Nation Driver Laps Time/Retired Pos.
1 Flag of Austria svg.png Austria Stefan Radovic 8 4:55.37 13
2 Flag of Russia.svg.png Russia Alexey Vasyagin 8 +0:12.23 15
3 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png United Kingdom Innes McDonald 8 +0:12.34 1
4 Flag of Canada.svg.png Canada Christian Aunger 8 +0:20.24 16
5 Flag of Italy svg.png Italy Carlo Cilio 8 +0:25.83 3
6 Flag of Belgium svg.png Belgium Geoffrey Engelen 8 +0:26.29 14
7 Flag of Switzerland svg.png Switzerland Branko Chiumiento 8 +0:36.73 18
8 Flag of Finland.svg.png Finland Jukka Aaltonen 7 +1 lap 20
9 Flag of Luxembourg svg.png Luxembourg Laurent Winckel 7 +1 lap 12
10 Flag of the United States svg.png United States Eric Zuzga 7 +1 lap 5
11 Flag of San Marino svg.png San Marino Davide Rondelli 6 +2 laps 17
12 Flag of Germany svg.png Germany Uwe Lambertz 6 +2 laps 2
13 Flag of Spain svg.png Spain Miguel Galeano 6 +2 laps 10
14 Flag of France svg.png France Fran Elisor 6 +2 laps 9
15 Flag of Ireland svg.png Ireland Matthew McCarthy 5 +3 laps 8
16 Flag of Transnistria.svg.png Transnistria Alexandr Podlyagin 4 +4 laps 19
NC Flag of South Korea svg.png South Korea Hee-Chul Kim 4 Not classified 7
Ret Flag of Norway svg.png Norway Steinar Nilsen 4 Accident 4
Ret Flag of Brazil svg.png Brazil Josenaldo Lopes 1 Accident 11
DSQ Flag of Poland svg.png Poland Mariusz Wisniewski 7 Disqualified 6