LFS A1GP Series Season 1

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The LF1 A1GP Series sees 21 countries fight it out for the title on the six tracks in the LFS Universe.

Drivers and countries[edit]

No Driver Nation Rounds Test drivers
0 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Innes McDonald U.K. 1 Andy White
2 Flag of Germany svg.png Uwe Lambertz Germany 1 Alexander Butscher
Fritz Hubert
3 Flag of Italy svg.png Carlo Cilio Italy 1 Edoardo Lovatin
4 Flag of Norway svg.png Steinar Nilsen Norway 1 Henrikke Nilsen
5 Flag of the United States svg.png Eric Zuzga U.S.A. 1 Wendy Corduroy
6 Flag of Poland svg.png Mariusz Wisniewski Poland None* Kamil Wozniak
Flag of Poland svg.png Kamil Wozniak 1
7 Flag of South Korea svg.png Hee-Chul Kim S. Korea 1 Ki-Bong Hwang
8 Flag of Ireland svg.png Michael McCarthy Ireland 1 David Casey
9 Flag of France svg.png Fran Elisor France 1 Fabien Chevalier
10 Flag of Spain svg.png Miguel Galeano Spain 1 David Ortega Zurdo
11 Flag of Brazil svg.png Josenaldo Lopes Brazil ?* Gildo Sales
Flag of Brazil svg.png Gildo Sales 1
12 Flag of Luxembourg svg.png Laurent Winckel Luxembourg 1 Robert Oster
14 Flag of Austria svg.png Stefan Radovic Austria 1 Andreas Gruber
15 Flag of Belgium svg.png Geoffrey Engelen Belgium 1 Eddy Kesters
16 Flag of Russia.svg.png Alexey Vasyagin Russia 1 Artem Mambetov
17 Flag of Canada.svg.png Christian Aunger Canada 1 Andre Vasquez
Ryan Gollin
18 Flag of San Marino svg.png Davide Rondelli San Marino 1 Alessandro Bruschi
19 Flag of Switzerland svg.png Branko Chiumiento Switzerland 1 Mark Ziliani
20 Flag of Transnistria.svg.png Alexandr Podlyagin Transnistria 1 Konstantin Abitov
21 Flag of Finland.svg.png Jukka Aaltonen Finland 1 Ville Salvi
Kasperi Salvi

Wildcard countries[edit]

No Driver Nation Rounds Test drivers
TBA Flag of Jamaica.svg.png Kemar Battiste Jamaica 3 Marco Deroux
TBA Flag of Japan svg.png Haruhi Suzumiya Japan 6 Shinji Sakamoto


  • *Wisniewski was barred for the rest of the season and fired from the Poland team in disgrace, since he was adjudged to have impeded Steinar Nilsen in the pre-season prologue leading to the Norwegian's DNF. His replacement is Kamil Wozniak. Shortly afterwards, Wisniewski was sentenced to life in prison for causing a horrific attack on the plane flying him back home to Poland, so this was the end of his motorsport career for good.
  • *Lopes cracked his spine after being flipped over in the pre-season prologue and was unfit to race, so he was replaced by Gildo Sales until further notice.


  • McDonald and Winckel drove without their respective "April" and "Leap Frog" sponsors in the prologue, but they started using them in the first round.
  • The pre-season prologue at South City to test the cars' safety was won by Austria and Stefan Radovic.