LFS 50 Laps of Westhill Trophy Season 1

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The LFS 50 Laps of Westhill Trophy is a special non-championship race that is held before the start of every LFS season. As the title goes, it is held around 50 laps at Westhill. This race was held as the first.


Before the race it was revealed that one of the drivers due to take part, Mariusz Wisniewski, was imprisoned for life in his home country of Poland for an attack on the plane flying him back there, most likely because of his part in the A1GP prologue scandal, so his #12 entry was taken by Les Underdown, the first ever racing driver from the car-free island of Herm, who stepped in for his motor racing debut. He, like his fellow Channel Islander John Perrey-Wharf took his tests on the bigger island of Jersey.

Innes McDonald again chose to use the April livery on his car, like he does in all his races. This made him one of the favourites to win the race.


No Driver Car
0 Flag of England svg.png Andy White XRR
2 Flag of England svg.png Richard Shearsmith FZR
3 Flag of England svg.png John Molloy FXR
4 Flag of Wales.svg.png Jonathan Clarke XRR
5 Flag of the Cook Islands.svg.png Jimmy Putere FZR
6 Flag of Scotland svg.png Innes McDonald FXR
7 Flag of Scotland svg.png Tom White XRR
8 Flag of England svg.png Edgar MacGillivary FZR
9 Flag of Italy svg.png Gaetano Rinaldi FXR
10 Flag of Germany svg.png Fritz Hubert XRR
11 Flag of Wales.svg.png Andrew Taylor-Finley FZR
12 Flag of Herm.svg.png Les Underdown FXR
14 Flag of Ireland svg.png David Casey XRR
15 Flag of England svg.png Martin McClure FZR
16 Flag of Germany svg.png Jens Dojahn FXR
17 Flag of England svg.png Joe Sedgemore XRR
18 Flag of Wales.svg.png Ioan Wynter FZR
19 Flag of Scotland svg.png Pat Shillingsford FXR
20 Flag of the Czech Republic svg.png David Kral XRR
21 Flag of Italy svg.png Davide Munaro FZR