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Innes McDonald (born 1 May 1991 in Aberdeen, Scotland) is an LFS racer who hails from Aberdeen in Scotland. Innes has been racing since he was very young. He got his first kart when he was five, and is a fan of the Granitoons comics made in his hometown. His childhood hero is David Coulthard, who is also Scottish.

Racing career[edit]

Innes took part in the first race of the Formula BMW LFS Championship Series 1, where he finished 12th and last and was forced to sit out the rest of the season. Innes' favourite Granitoons character is April, and that's the reason he wanted April painted on the bonnet of his car for the LFS Rallycross Series Season 1.

In the real world, Innes signed for Marussia for the 2013 Formula One season, but was so awful in the first five races of the season he was replaced by Max Chilton from Monaco onwards.