I Official Random.org F3000 GP (Season 1)

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The I Official Random.org F3000 GP (Season 1) was the first ever race of the Random.org F3000 Championship.

It was won by Dutchman Peter Kox, who took the coveted honour of being the inaugural winner in the championship. The Frenchmen Gregoire de Galzain and Philippe Gache were second and third respectively.

The winning Formula One driver was Belgian Bernard de Dryver. The Middle of the Grid finisher was Alain Ferte. The Last Place finisher was Claude Bourbonnais.


Pos. Driver Country Pts.
1 Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Peter Kox Netherlands 25
2 Flag of France svg.png Gregoire de Galzain France 20
3 Flag of France svg.png Philippe Gache France 16
4 Flag of Italy svg.png Giambattista Busi Italy 13
5 Flag of the United States svg.png Will Langhorne United States 11
6 Flag of France svg.png Gilles Lempereur France 10
7 Flag of Belgium svg.png Bernard de Dryver Belgium 9
8 Flag of Italy svg.png Gabriele Lanceri Italy 8
9 Flag of Sweden svg.png Peter Olsson Sweden 7
10 Flag of Italy svg.png Oscar Pedersoli Italy 6
11 Flag of Italy svg.png Nino Fama Italy 5
12 Flag of France svg.png Laurent Aiello France 4
13 Flag of Brazil svg.png Mario Haberfeld Brazil 3
14 Flag of Brazil svg.png Christian Fittipaldi Brazil 2
15 Flag of France svg.png Paul Belmondo France 1