Holder Keys

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Holder Keys is a sunny vacation resort in Florida, USA. It is famous for its hotel built out of gold, and its six mile long beach. It makes a major appearance in The Florida Funny Failure.

In The Florida Funny Failure, Homer Simpson goes on a vacation to the town, with his best friend Barney Gumble and Renge Houshakuji from the OHSHC. They drive all the way to Holder Keys and park outside the golden hotel. They find that Moneybags the bear is the receptionist. But the next morning, he runs off with their money and drives away in a Cadillac Escalade. The trio hitch a ride with Formula One champion Michael Schumacher. They manage to stop Moneybags by bumping the Cadillac, causing it to crash into a big rig. Moneybags is arrested as the four friends walk away happily.


  • Holder Keys is a parody of the Florida Keys resort, also in Florida.
  • Its name is also a parody of "key holder".