Daniele Raimondi

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Daniele 'Dominating Danny' Raimondi (March 10, 1915 in Rome - September 12, 2000 in Rome) was an Italian racing driver who won the first ever Olethros 100 in 1955. He is currently dead but attempts have been made to resurrect the two-time champion from the grave. He is also the grandfather of the Raimondi quadruplets; Ettore, Riccardo, Stefano and Walter all born in 1975.

Racing career[edit]

Raimondi took part in the first ever F1 season in 1950 at the Italian Grand Prix, where he finished in ninth place, sharing his car with Consalvo Sanesi.

Raimondi won the 1955 Olethros 100, the first edition of the race, ahead of Francis Alvis Jr.. He also won the race in 1957. His racing career lasted for nearly 30 years until he retired in 1983, aged 68.

Raimondi died in 2000 aged 85. His death was mourned by the whole country. However, the Italian tifosi are concocting a plan to bring him back to life.