Crash Canyon Host Club

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Crash Canyon Host Club is the proposed 27th episode of Crash Canyon.


Norm and his family are watching an episode of Ouran High School Host Club at the Manderbelts' house. This gives Norm an idea. He decides to form the Crash Canyon Host Club. Little does he know that somebody is spying on him under Renge's orders.


Norm: Ta dah!
(Everyone is dressed up in Ouran High School uniform. Sheila is embarrassed)
Sheila: I look ridiculous.
Norm: Come on, Sheila, they've got a host club, so we should have one too!

(Norm and the Canyonites are having a tea party)
Norm: I love tea parties! It's like a food fight, minus the food fight.
Colton: It wouldn't be a food fight without the food fight. Even Neil Armstrong knows that!
Norm: Oh. Anyone want some yummy cake?
(Vernon gobbles up the cake)
Norm: Oh, I forgot to tell you it's carrot cake.
(Vernon spits out the cake)
Vernon: You sick inhumane monster! Trying to kill me with your vegetables! I almost died when you shoved a lettuce leaf into my mouth!
Norm: Anyway, you should lose more weight, or you'll be Canada's Fattest Man in less than a week!
Vernon: Call me fat would you?! WHY YOU LITTLE...!
(Vernon chokes Norm in a Homer Simpson way)

Norm: This is the best host club ever. It's even better than the time me and Sheila met at Comic Con '86!
(Renge lands into the canyon on a parachute and glares angrily at Norm)
Renge: You!
Norm: Renge! What a nice surprise!
Renge: Trying to make our host club look stupid! Trying to steal our popularity! That's it! I will kill you!
(Renge chases Norm around the canyon and throws food at him)
Norm: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!