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Chums is a main villain in the 1990 Beano book who works with the villains, Mrs. Blenkinsop, Mr. Scrimp, Brad Scrimp, Blake Midwinter, Nasal, Olive, Cuthbert, Teacher, Headmaster, Janitor, Winston, Slasher Brown, Slasher Brown's Henchmen, Posh Penny, Godfrey, Mr. School Inspector, Captain Prefab, Katzenberger, Mr. Dust, Sgt. Slipper, Hugo Trenchfoot, Vilhemina Slop Bucket, Mrs. Creecher, Fatty Fudge, Fatty Fudge's Son, Reg Trademark, Captain Trout, Aunty Fanny, Aunty Gertrude, Sard, Mrs. Duffel, Mrs. Greature, Sir Fitz-Patrick Flush, Hank, McInkMr. Har Har, Dr. Ian Sight, Dr. Paeleo, Monsieur Torte-Visage, Norman, "Baby-Face" Finlayson, Robers, Cruncher Kerr, Mr. de Testa, Angel Face, Athena and Ratbucket.

Minnie the Minx says "Did you know green jelly babies make you bald?" to Chums, then he said "Wow! I'm not eating any more of them then.", he says "You just ate them and you're not bald." Mrs. Blakeningsop said "Hey you! I don't think green free zones exist!" Lucky she had quick setting jelly for her.

Fatty Fudge and his son were on a boat, but it was floating away. Chums, Mrs. Blakeningsop, Ken Bahn and Chopin would follow the boat and went through Beanotown streat to The Softie Challey, all they haft to do to wait to come back from Dean-Deans. Walter The Softy said "Come on fellers softies we can fetching Needle Point to do. cool is it is it Chums?", he phoned the police to call Sgt. Slipper. Walter The Softy, Bertie, Spotty, Chums, Mrs. Blakeningsop, Sgt. Slipper, Sard, Ken Bahn, Chopin, Fatty Fudge and his son catch Minnie the Minx, George will have to take her to the plant.

Chums will be the pet shop owner at the pet store and he gives Curious George a bag of mouse food. Inside the shop, the Bash Street pets are Gnasher, Chester, Nevins, Chopin, Bones, Blotty, Enry, Manfrid, Peeps, Pug, Sniffy, Tubby and Wiggy. Teacher is admiring the first prize to win the local competition, he sacked Chums as Teacher's Pet.