Cedric Finch-Salmon

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Cedric Finch-Salmon is an evil annoying Softy boy that appears in Mountaintop Menace known to snitch on Dennis the Menace.

He is depicted as a young softy schoolboy whom Dennis and his family encounter on their skiing holiday. Dennis groans when he finds out he has to share their chalet with Cedric and his family. Cedric explains to Dennis that he is a skiing expert and that he can ski backwards. Dennis tells him that he's only here for snowboarding. Dad reminds him that he has to be nice to Cedric. Dennis is then sent to bed for threatening to hit Cedric with his snowboard.

Cedric then gets pranked during the night when he uses Dennis' trick soap, which turns him glowing blue! He screams at the top of his voice, waking up his mum and dad.

The next morning, Dennis, Cedric and their families go to the top of the mountain for a skiing lesson. Cedric mocks Dennis when he tells him that he'll be on the nursery slope all week. Dennis proves him wrong by plunging through the class on his snowboard, and firing a snowball at Cedric with his catapult. He and Bea then make very scary snow-monsters! The softy skiing group are frightened by the monsters and fall over.

Dennis gets punished afterwards by being stuck on the ski lift way up high. He then sorts them out by jumping off the ski lift and spraying everyone with snow. Cedric is defeated by being trapped in the snowdrift as Dennis relaxes in the chalet reading his Beano comics.