Captain Trout

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Captain Trout is a sea captain who is searching for the famed whale Dopey Mick, "the daftest whale of the seas" who works with the villains, Cuthbert Cringeworthy, Teacher, Slasher Brown, Slasher Brown's Henchmen, The Colonel, The Inspector, Clint Katzenberger, Sergeant Slipper, Vilhemina Slop Bucket, Fatty Fudge, Reg Trademark and Sergeant Boot.


He appears in the Dennis the Menace episode Dennis Ahoy! where he tells the kids of the dark day in 1971 where he lost his dad, Captain Prefab, thanks to the awfully stinky breath of Dopey Mick the whale, and is on a search to find him after 25 years.

He leads Dennis, Curly and Pie-Face onto a dilapidated and useless ship called the SS Rustbucket while Walter and his eerily similar girlfriend Matilda get the cruise liner. Trout forces the boys to peel all the potatoes, leading Curly to believe he's gone bananas.

The boys, however, get their own back on Trout covering him with a sack as he slips on the potatoes and locking him up in the cupboard. They decide to use the potatoes as means to win the race.

As Curly goes back in to get the potatoes, Trout breaks free. The potatoes are launched onto the cruise liner's engine system causing her to break down. The engines blow up, and down she sinks. Walter is extremely hysterical and calls for the alarm while Matilda mans the lifeboat (or rather womans it).

Dennis apologises for the joke earlier, but Trout announces there's no time for that. The crew chase after Dopey Mick, but the absent-minded whale turns around and the whole ship is swallowed up. They find out that the irate Softies have gotten here first.

Trout is extremely pleased to find his dad inside the mouth, after all those years. Prefab is blind in one eye and is suffering from severe allergies. The crew decide to escape by tickling Dopey Mick's uvula causing him to sneeze the crew out, and the ship to head full speed ahead for the beach, scaring the hell out of Walter and Matilda.

SS Rustbucket wins the race by miles but she can't stop and heads straight for Beanotown Swimming Baths where Dad gets his head wedged in a bucket and has to have it surgically removed.

Trout and the SS Rustbucket are crowned the winners of the 1996 Beanotown Boat Race.