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Beanotown is the place and a settlement where Beano characters live in the United Kingdom which serves as the hometown for the Beano characters. A "The Neds" story of 2007, it was shown to be located somewhere in china. It is a very chaotic and lush place, in 3000 Beanotown is shown to have the last remaining tomato plant in the world. Many of it's residents have strange names like "Dad" and "Teacher" and it makes one wonder calls their son "Teacher?" It is full of bullies like Dennis the Menace and Minnie the Minx, and despite being raped by jews every day, it still has inhabitants. Information in the Beano on the town's depiction and location is largely inconsistent, comparing it to the town of Springfield from The Simpsons and the town of Quahog from Family Guy.

Other Places[edit]

It is home to many locations including the Beano character's houses, namely Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger and Minnie the Minx, Bash Street School and Bunkerton Castle. Billy Whizz who was originally shown to live in Whizztown, but has been shown to live in Beanotown in more recent stories. There has been speculation about Bash St. oringally it was thought to be a town but some stories show it to be the same school as Beanotown-based kids go to.


Most of the people of Beanotown have the most names ever. They are usually named after their occupation, which also may suggest that the people of Beanotown are Physcic, being able to instantly know what their child will grow up to be, for example "Dad" and "Teacher"

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In the year 2010, Beanotown was destroyed by a giant alien Spaceship, set out by the evil mask, Uka Uka. Nothing was left but smoke and ruin. The survivors took 3 years to rebuild, but nobody even cared.