Backdoor Bandits IV

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Backdoor Bandits IV (2003) is the fourth film in the Backdoor Bandits franchise, following Backdoor Bandits (1989), Backdoor Bandits II (1996) and Backdoor Bandits III (2000). It was released in the UK and US on January 8, 2003.

It stars Eye-Eye Rodgers and Lanky Hermy, the two bungling bandits whose antics always land them into trouble. Gerald Murphy and Walker Brancaster reprise their roles as the characters, like they have for the last three films. Alphonsus Fold also reprises his role as the antagonistic Sheriff Spurs.

The main female character is portrayed by Murphy's sister, Louise.


The Wild West, 1911. Italian mafia boss Jason Checcon has been murdered. His body has been sent to Grimm De'Ath the undertaker's parlour where De'Ath preforms an autopsy on Checcon's corpse. Just then, the eponymous protagonists and Checcon's best friends, Eye-Eye Rodgers and Lanky Hermy, enter the mortuary by accident and are greatly upset to find that Checcon is dead. De'Ath announces the cause of death as shooting.

After Checcon is buried in a service attended by hundreds of his fellow Italian mafia members, the bandits run away to Nevada to a bumbling town called Westside, full of locals young, old and middle-aged.

They stumble into a hospital, where an African-American doctor called Donothing lives up to his name by completely botching an operation. He is fired from the hospital with immediate effect. Donothing encounters the bandits and invites them to his birthday party back at his local clinic.

At Donothing's clinic, the bandits are chomping down on Donothing's birthday cake.