2013 Olethros 100

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The 2013 Olethros 100 was held on September 15, 2013 at the Oletros Circuit.

It was memorable in that Miroslav Havel chose not to defend his title which he won last year to race in the Czech Touring Car Championship. So, the number 0 was driven instead with series veteran Henrik Muller using the number.

Innes McDonald won his second title in three years, as the British swept the podium, with Andy White and David Sheran in second and third respectively. Sheran broke Muller's record of youngest podium sitter set in 1985, being 17 years and 265 days old.

Mogens Bozkurt was disqualified during the race for deliberately running over his pit crew in a suspected case of 'road rage'. The crew were okay, fortunately enough, but however, Bozkurt had his license suspended for three years, meaning he had to miss the upcoming 2014 and 2015 races, and also meaning that he had to retake his driving test.


Pos. No. Driver Time/Retired
1 3 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Innes McDonald
2 18 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Andy White
3 2 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png David Sheran
4 71 Flag of Italy svg.png Giacomo Fattori
5 92 Flag of France svg.png Marwin Mathoux
6 8 Flag of Russia.svg.png Konstantin Abitov
7 7 Flag of Switzerland svg.png Mathieu Gentilleau
8 103 Flag of Barbados.svg.png Fabien Miller
9 41 Flag of Luxembourg svg.png Laurent Winckel
10 81 Flag of Japan svg.png Haruhi Suzumiya
11 25 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Neil Bartlett
12 9 Flag of the United States svg.png Wendy Corduroy
13 14 Flag of Germany svg.png Ewald Fabisch
14 0 Flag of Germany svg.png Henrik Muller
15 111 Flag of Belgium svg.png Geoffrey Engelen
16 13 Flag of Italy svg.png Davide Salemi
17 48 Flag of Israel.svg.png Moshe Grinfald
18 75 Flag of Greece svg.png Giannis Chatziraptis
19 12 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png John Perrey-Wharf
20 100 Flag of Ecuador.svg.png Jos Reasco
21 48 Flag of Italy svg.png Fabiano Fiorini
22 77 Flag of the United States svg.png Alan McCaulkin
23 70 Flag of Cyprus svg.png Koullis Georgiou
24 101 Flag of Sierra Leone.svg.png/Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Hassan Conteh
25 6 Flag of Paraguay.svg.png Roberto Rojas
26 92 Flag of Canada.svg.png Christian Aunger
27 102 Flag of China svg.png Guangxue Li
28 52 Flag of Italy svg.png Mario Calandra
Ret 11 Flag of San Marino svg.png Alessandro Bruschi Engine
Ret 87 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Andrew McElroy Collision
Ret 115 Flag of Italy svg.png Nico di Cristofano Collision
Ret 99 Flag of Spain svg.png Miguel Galeano Suspension
Ret 63 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png April A. Anderson Accident
Ret 85 Flag of Belgium svg.png Stijn Croonen Collision
Ret 54 Flag of Slovakia.svg.png Erik Guzmicky Collision
Ret 19 Flag of Germany svg.png Markus Schulz Accident
DNS 30 Flag of New Zealand svg.png Greg Eagle Did not start
DSQ 46 Flag of Denmark svg.png Mogens Bozkurt Disqualified

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