2013 Hetalia A1GP season

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The 2013 Hetalia A1GP season is the first season of A1GP after it was revived by the characters from Hetalia: Axis Powers. This time two drivers, rather than one, represent each country.

Teams and Drivers[edit]

Nation/Team Seat Holder No. Driver Rounds
Flag of Germany svg.png Germany Ludwig Beilschmidt 1 Flag of Germany svg.png Sebastian Vettel 1-
2 Flag of Germany svg.png Daniel Abt 1-
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png United Kingdom Arthur Kirkland 3 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Lewis Hamilton 1-
4 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Jenson Button 1-
Flag of the United States svg.png United States Alfred F. Jones 5 Flag of the United States svg.png Ryan Hunter-Reay 1-
6 Flag of the United States svg.png Alexander Rossi 1-
Flag of Italy svg.png North Italy Feliciano Vargas 7 Flag of Italy svg.png Fabrizio Crestani 1-
8 Flag of Italy svg.png Davide Valsecchi 1-
Flag of Canada.svg.png Canada Matthew Williams 9 Flag of Canada.svg.png Robert Wickens 1-
10 Flag of Canada.svg.png Alex Tagliani 1-
Flag of Japan svg.png Japan Kiku Honda 11 Flag of Japan svg.png Kamui Kobayashi 1-
12 Flag of Japan svg.png Kotaro Sakurai 1-
Flag of France svg.png France Francis Bonnefoy 14 Flag of France svg.png Jean-Éric Vergne 1-
15 Flag of France svg.png Nathanaël Berthon 1-
Flag of China svg.png China Yao Wang 16 Flag of China svg.png Ma Qing Hua 1-
17 Flag of China svg.png Ho-Pin Tung 1-
Flag of Russia.svg.png Russia Ivan Braginski 18 Flag of Russia.svg.png Vitaly Petrov 1-
19 Flag of Russia.svg.png Daniil Kvyat 1-
Flag of Hungary svg.png Hungary Elizabeta Héderváry 20 Flag of Hungary svg.png Tamás Pál Kiss 1-
21 Flag of Hungary svg.png HWNSNBM 1-
Flag of Finland.svg.png Finland Tino Väinämöinen 22 Flag of Finland.svg.png Kimi Räikkönen 1-
23 Flag of Finland.svg.png Heikki Kovalainen 1-
Flag of Austria svg.png Austria Roderich Edelstein 24 Flag of Austria svg.png Christan Klien 1-
25 Flag of Austria svg.png René Binder 1-
Flag of Switzerland svg.png Switzerland Basch Zwingli 26 Flag of Switzerland svg.png Sébastien Buemi 1-
27 Flag of Switzerland svg.png Fabio Leimer 1-
Flag of Latvia.svg.png Latvia Ravis Galante 28 Flag of Latvia.svg.png Harald Schlegelmilch 1-
29 Flag of Latvia.svg.png Karlīne Štāla 1-
Flag of Poland svg.png Poland Feliks Łukasiewicz 30 Flag of Poland svg.png Robert Kubica 1-
31 Flag of Poland svg.png Natalia Kowalska 1-
Flag of Italy svg.png South Italy Lovino Vargas 32 Flag of Italy svg.png Jarno Trulli 1-
33 Flag of Italy svg.png David Fumanelli 1-
Flag of Spain svg.png Spain Antonio Fernandez Carriedo 34 Flag of Spain svg.png Fernando Alonso 1-
35 Flag of Spain svg.png Pedro de la Rosa 1-
Flag of Liechtenstein svg.png Liechtenstein Lili Zwingli 36 Flag of Liechtenstein svg.png Stefan Mahlknecht 1-
37 Flag of Liechtenstein svg.png David Oberle 1-
Flag of Belgium svg.png Belgium Bella 38 Flag of Belgium svg.png Jérôme d'Ambrosio 1-
39 Flag of Belgium svg.png Bas Leinders 1-
Flag of Belarus.svg.png Belarus Natalia Arlovskaya 40 Flag of Belarus.svg.png Dmitry Suranovich 1-
41 Flag of Belarus.svg.png Alexander Talkanitsa Jr. 1-
Flag of Lithuania svg.png Lithuania Toris Laurinaitis 42 Flag of Lithuania svg.png Kazim Vasiliauskas 1-
43 Flag of Lithuania svg.png Jonas Gelžinis 1-
Flag of Denmark svg.png Denmark Mathias Køhler 44 Flag of Denmark svg.png Kevin Magnussen 1-
45 Flag of Denmark svg.png Nicolas Kiesa 1-
Flag of Sweden svg.png Sweden Berwald Oxenstierna 46 Flag of Sweden svg.png Marcus Ericsson 1-
47 Flag of Sweden svg.png Mattias Ekström 1-