2010 LFS Rallycross Eliminator's Cup

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The 2010 LFS Rallycross Eliminator's Cup was the first season of the LFS Rallycross Eliminator's Cup

It was the first successful running of this series as it was to be held in 2007 but was cancelled due to another Tomáš Enge drug scandal.


  • British pairing McNish and Gladdis have been named 'The Tea Gardner Group' due to the drivers using both Tea Gardner's English and Japanese initials.
  • Siedler and McNish previously attempted to enter the failed inauguration of 2007.
  • Pantano, McNish, Barrichello, Grosjean and Firman have competed in Formula One.


No Driver Nation
0 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Alexander Sims Great Britain
2 Flag of Japan svg.png Kamui Kobayashi Japan
3 Flag of Japan svg.png Haruhi Suzumiya Japan
4 Flag of Italy svg.png Giorgio Pantano Italy
5 Flag of Japan svg.png Mikuru Asahina Japan
6 Flag of New Zealand svg.png Shane van Gisbergen New Zealand
7 Flag of Austria svg.png Norbert Siedler Austria
8 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Allan McNish Great Britain
9 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Tom Gladdis Great Britain
10 Flag of Belgium svg.png Bertrand Baguette Belgium
11 Flag of Brazil svg.png Rubens Barrichello Brazil
12 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Adrian Quaife-Hobbs Great Britain
14 Flag of France svg.png Romain Grosjean France
15 Flag of Germany svg.png Kevin Mirocha Germany
16 Flag of Switzerland svg.png Alexandre Imperatori Switzerland
17 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Robert Huff Great Britain
18 Flag of Italy svg.png Edoardo Mortara Italy
19 Flag of France svg.png Renge Houshakuji France
20 Flag of Ireland svg.png Ralph Firman Ireland
21 Flag of Canada.svg.png Gianmarco Raimondo Canada