1985 Olethros 100

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The 1985 Olethros 100 was won by Dale Jackson of the United Kingdom, his first title in the higher tier of motorsport. 17-year-old Henrik Muller became the youngest podium finisher in the race's history finishing second while Jackson's compatriot Warwick Coates was third.

Spanish driver Javier de los Santos finished in seventh but was disqualified as he was revealed to have caused Stuart Robertson's crash on lap 48.


Pos. No. Driver Time/Retired
1 3 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Marston Crinkleberry-Snatchet
2 8 Flag of Germany svg.png Baron von Schlapzanger-Fattebugger-Groschenflapz
3 19 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Doris the Laundrette Owner
4 1 Flag of Italy svg.png Giancarlo Cazzostronzo
5 777 Flag of the United States svg.png Horace Hyuk-Hyuk Hee-Haw Harrison The Local Yokel
6 14 Flag of Norway svg.png Tore Kasin
7 92 Flag of Finland.svg.png Kim Aurenmaa
8 73 Flag of Greece svg.png Themistoklis Parastatidis
9 2 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Rodger Gill
10 77 Flag of Greece svg.png Giannis Lygos
11 74 Flag of Greece svg.png Dimitris Loizidis
12 13 Flag of Australia svg.png Heath Scott
13 79 Flag of Greece svg.png Giorgos Dimakis
14 24 Flag of Italy svg.png Max Lurani
15 62 Flag of Ireland svg.png Cormac O'Brady
16 100 Flag of South Africa 1928-1994.svg.png Leonard Zondo
17 81 Flag of Germany svg.png Christian Franz
18 102 Flag of the Soviet Union.svg.png Alexandr Qodirov
19 33 Flag of Denmark svg.png Henrik Gudbrandssen
20 54 Flag of Switzerland svg.png Dario Rossier
21 106 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Alex Kempley-Richardson
22 5 Flag of Finland.svg.png Seppo Rantanen
23 70 Flag of Greece svg.png Thanasis Mantalovas
24 99 Flag of Italy svg.png Pietro Perrone
Ret 17 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Rab McConaghie Accident
Ret 58 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Stuart Robertson Shat himself
Ret 71 Flag of Greece svg.png Panagiotis Maslar Accidentally pressed killswitch with erect penis
Ret 18 Flag of Sweden svg.png Anders Svendsen Tried using Cravendale milk as fuel
Ret 7 Flag of Iceland svg.png Kjartan Baldursson Licked a cane toad and crashed into John McCrir
Ret 52 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Roscoe Broom Oil leak
DNS 97 Flag of South Africa 1928-1994.svg.png Theodore Kritzinger Did not start
DNS 47 Flag of France svg.png Micka Fischer Did not start
DNS 101 Flag of Australia svg.png Steve Irwin's Right Hand And Nose Did not start
DSQ 38 Flag of Spain svg.png General Franco Disqualified