1958 Olethros 100

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The 1958 Olethros 100 was the fourth edition of the Olethros 100 motor race held every year in Greece. It was memorable in many ways as Don McCaulkin became the first American to win the famous motor race. And also Beryl St. Francis was the first woman to ever take part in the race, finishing 20th. This was something that did not happen again for 44 years until 2002 when Delia Ketchum of Pokemon fame competed in the race.

Also, Timotheos Chatziraptis, grandfather of present-day racing driver Giannis was one of five local drivers in the race, but he failed to start.


Pos. No. Driver Time/Retired
1 25 US flag 48 stars.svg.png Don McCaulkin
2 1 Flag of Italy svg.png Daniele Raimondi
3 4 Flag of Austria svg.png Christoph Slunecko
4 31 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Roger Laughton
5 12 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Scott Lewis
6 72 Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg.png Spyros Nikolaou
7 7 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Peter Hibbert
8 38 US flag 48 stars.svg.png Stephen Langton
9 103 Flag of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.svg.png Dave Dove
10 17 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Edgar Weagraff
11 78 Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg.png Michalis Sarris
12 77 Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg.png Efthymis Tsoukalas
13 100 Flag of Portugal.svg.png Ant Pinto
14 18 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Jock McCafferty
15 5 Flag of Italy svg.png Rosario Lolli
16 94 Flag of Japan svg.png Nobuo Sudo
17 49 Flag of Belgium svg.png Dirk Slachmuylders
18 70 Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg.png Nikos Batzios
19 85 Flag of Germany svg.png Ralf Bindewald
20 57 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Beryl St. Francis
21 101 Flag of Hong Kong old svg.png Ted Gateway
22 63 Flag of Italy svg.png Piercarlo Chimeri
23 2 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Francis Alvis Jr.
24 52 Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Bart Yildirim
25 153 Flag of Australia svg.png Algernon F. Brisk
Ret 59 Flag of France svg.png Albert Ros Accident
Ret 82 Flag of Romania svg.png Count Radi Ariton Accident
Ret 114 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Clyde Walliston Engine
DNS 74 Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg.png Timotheos Chatziraptis Did not start