"Baby-Face" Finlayson

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"Baby-Face" Finlayson - The Cutest Bandit Around - is an old Beano character who works with the villains, Mrs. Blenkinsop, Mr. Scrimp, Brad Scrimp, Blake Midwinter, Nasal, Olive, Cuthbert, Teacher, Headmaster, Janitor, Winston, Slasher Brown, Slasher Brown's Henchmen, Posh Penny, Godfrey, Mr. School Inspector, Captain Prefab, Katzenberger, Mr. Dust, Sgt. Slipper, Hugo Trenchfoot, Vilhemina Slop Bucket, Mrs. Creecher, Fatty Fudge, Fatty Fudge's Son, Reg Trademark, Captain Trout, Aunty Fanny, Aunty Gertrude, Sard, Mrs. Duffel, Mrs. Greature, Sir Fitz-Patrick Flush, Hank, McInkMr. Har Har, Dr. Ian Sight, Dr. Paeleo, Monsieur Torte-Visage, Robers, Cruncher Kerr, Mr. de Testa, Angel Face, Athena and Ratbucket, and would go about trying to steal things for himself, usually sweets or toys. He is depicted as a baby wearing cowboy clothes. He has a motorised pram to help him get around. He is friends with Sid the Kid and sometimes lives with Mumsie-Face.